About Melissa Harris

Melissa Harris is the founder and president of Telecom Training Corporation (TTC), incorporated in 1996.

TTC specializes in the design and delivery of:
Technical product training
User training
Sales, call center and management training

Since 1985 she has developed and delivered a diverse array of customized training seminars to wireless clients such as Cingular, AT&T Wireless, U.S.Cellular, Sprint, Asurion, Nextel, Sierra Wireless and Verizon Wireless.

In addition, she has worked with CLECs, ILECs, and telecommunications manufacturers such as Nortel Networks, NextiraOne, XO Communications, NEC, Second Century Communications, Teleport Communications Group, Ameritech and BellSouth Telecommunications.

Her call center experience includes working with inbound and outbound customer service and sales groups. In addition to working with call centers of telecommunications carriers she has also worked with call center outsourcing companies such as American Express, Gannett, Dial America, MCK, SITEL and WEST.

Prior to this, she was General Manager of National Training for Cingular/BellSouth Mobility in Atlanta, Georgia from 1988-1992. In this role she was responsible for the design and delivery of training for all distribution channels including direct, major, agent, retail, telemarketing and national retailers. From 1985-1988 she was the Manager of Corporate Training for Verizon/Contel where she provided training to all 25 divisions including Cellular One.

In addition to her training roles, she has been Regional Marketing Director and Senior Sales Manager for BellSouth Mobility and a Major Account Executive for AT&T. Her first job in the telecommunications industry was a Repair Service Call Center Representative during her undergraduate program.

Melissa conducts keynote speeches, writes technical documents and provides sales, sales management and presentation skills coaching. She is certified to teach national training programs from training companies such as Achieve Global, Global Knowledge, Boyens Group and Novations VMS.

Her educational background includes a BBA degree in marketing/retailing from Middle Tennessee State University/David Lipscomb University and an MBA degree from Mercer University.

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